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Thread: Very happy to see our furniture

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    Default Very happy to see our furniture

    Last Saturday, 12/30/2017, two very nice men arrived from Sun Delivery with our furniture. They were very professional in appearance and brought the furniture in with great care to avoid any damages. It was placed in position and set up. There was absolutely no damage to any of the pieces. Good job Sun! All the way from NC to CA by truck with no dings!

    We are very happy with our purchase. All items are beautiful works of art obviously produced with the highest level of expertise in the craft of leather furniture making.

    I am attaching some photos of the furniture taken just after the deliverymen left. Please excuse the quality of the photos and the clutter. If more photos would be useful, just ask.

    The sofa is the 6042-3 Utopia in Hyde Park Earth Burnished.

    The two chairs are the 4794 Ashmore in Imperial Whiskey Burnished. I understand that HM is dropping this leather. Too bad - it is beautiful. I sit across the room from them and marvel at these two works of art!

    The recliner is the 1076-PR Parkway in Brigade Saddle with gimp in Brigade Harness. Lone Star nails are in the gimp. Nails have also been dropped by HK.

    Thanks to Duane for all his expertise and guidance via this forum. We are very happy!!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Very happy to see our furniture

    Nice! Thank you for the feedback on Sun Delivery, Charles, that's valuable information to me since I switched to them as the preferred carrier. I have forwarded your comments to the owner of Sun Delivery as well - I'm sure they will enjoy reading them. I think all the pieces came out great - and of course the Parkway Recliner is big fun with the custom treatments put on it. I love the big Lone Star nails going over the gimps - very unique. Thank you for your leap of faith in ordering clear across the country. H&M makes such a nice product that its one of the safer bets to order sight unseen. Be sure to put an inexpensive surge protecter on the power recliner outlet, they are just a few dollars at Wal Mart and will keep the electrical components safe in case of a power surge. And enjoy!
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    Default Re: Very happy to see our furniture

    I really like the burnished look on those. Nice choices!

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