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Thread: Same leather different style chairs?

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    Default Same leather different style chairs?

    I love the look of 2 matching leather chairs but my husband would like a recliner and I would like a glider. I am not finding leather chairs that we like that recline and glide. Has anyone done same leather different style chairs next to each other in a room? My husband is 6'4" so needs a tall chair. Thank you for any advice!

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    I think you're going to struggle to find a gliding recliner, as that combination of mechanisms would be hard to get out of from the recline position. There is a Hancock and Moore series (Cody) that comes in a wall hugger recliner and a glider. They look similar, so i'm guessing they would go well together in the same leather and might even look identical. The wall hugger recliner can be seen at and the swivel glider is just the 3724 Cody Swivel Glider Wall-Hugger part option. Looks like the Athens has similar options - and the Austin - Basically, it looks like wall hugger style recliners may also come in an identical glider/swivel option. I'm guessing that just the bases might look slightly different.

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