Last week I got a call from someone who had bought a used Hancock and Moore recliner off Craigslist and wanted my advice on how to repair the recliner mechanism. I explained the mechanisms are not repairable, they use special large rivets that have bushing built into the joints, the entire mechanism has to be replaced at cost of about $ 300 when shipping is factored in. Then plan on two hours installation once you get the part - if you hire that done another $ 200 or so. Then he mentioned the good deal he got on it - but did he? He also said they would have to try to repair the leather. Now, when I hear old recliner, busted mechanism and repair the leather all in one sentence - that's a unit that needs to go to either a college dorm room or the landfill. To fix all these ills will cost more than the price of a new one (I assume the cushion cores are shot as well). Sometimes things are just plain used up - don't get caught up chasing a "Good deal" on Craigslist when you know the item you are buying needs work. Chances are it will be far more costly to restore than you are prepared to pay.