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Thread: Stickley 400 Recliner in 100% Polyester - Question

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    Default Stickley 400 Recliner in 100% Polyester - Question

    We really love the look of the Stickley 400 Sectional. We are looking at recliners on both ends and my wife really does not like leather. The fabric she picked out is 100% polyester, cleaning code S. After a ton of research I am concerned that this fabric is a poor choice (is it a light tan color). I don't want to send $5,000 on a sofa and be disappointed with the fabric. Any thoughts?


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    Steve, you are right where I would be on it as well. Motion furniture will tend to wear fabric quicker than stationary and what will likely happen is the recliner units in the sectional will wear out MUCH faster than the other areas, as that's the two pieces most often used in motion sectional. The cost to re-cover that unit will be a couple thousand dollars (if a sectional). This may be a battle you won't win however - so if you are going to stay in a fabric see if you can get into a chenille or woven as they usually outlast the polyesters. If not, then consider buying extra yardage and store it - maybe 10 to 15 yards - and then you will have the material when it needs a partial recover.
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