Jim and Tom have been my local (Wash DC) delivery guys for at least ten years now. They are big, capable and very conscientious. Today they were getting ready for the four stops we had to make and loading up from the warehouse - called me all in a panic "I think we have an issue on this one upholstered piece - we want to bring it up to show it to you before we deliver it". Fine, get loaded up and come by the store I tell them.

So they do, and then take this one piece out of the truck and set it atop some furniture pads in the parking lot for me to try out. Jim (who is 300 lb) says "It doesn't really feel substantial, when I sit in it I can feel frame flex a little - do you think the frame is broken or cracked? We spun it upside down and didn't see any evidence of frame issues - we can't figure it out". Tom says "I agree - it's just not solid - think something is wrong with it? We don't want to deliver it if its compromised, so thought you should look at it."

I look at it carefully, test sit in it - we turn if over - it's all fine, it's one hundred percent. No issues, its exactly to the manufacturer's spec and build.

"I'll tell you want the problem here is boys, you deliver WAY too much Hancock & Moore. This is not Hancock and Moore, this is a plywood-frame based piece, not solid maple. You're spoiled." It was like a light bulb came on to both of them. I started laughing and they sheepishly loaded it back on the truck. Jim thinks about this a bit and says "I think you're right. We do get used to H&M and have to realize this brand is not the same".

And I quipped "Well, it doesn't cost as much, either - so there's that, you guys just got used to delivering the really good stuff all the time."

And off they went!