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Thread: Bradington Young Cushion, BYX Roswell and Grade 1 Leather Questions

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    Default Bradington Young Cushion, BYX Roswell and Grade 1 Leather Questions

    Can anyone tell me the difference between a Reclining Lounger and 3 way lounger and reclining chair? A Sales rep told me with the Reclining lounger there is no foot rest and that only the back of the chair moves. Is that true? If I choose a 3 way lounger and add power will I be able to position it wherever I want or would the power just get me to one of the three positions without having to do so manually?

    Regarding cushions, Iíve been able to sit in only the yorba (premium down) and Castile(foam core). I havenít sat in the spring down. Will I likely feel a softer feeling as I did when comparing the premium down to the foam core or is there an insignificant difference in softness between the spring down and foam?. The premium down was nice but I think the puddling will make me crazy after awhile.

    Iím considering the roswell and will add power. Is there an aftermarket charger that would work with it? Duane, would you happen to have a photo of the 988600-88 offered in the BYX program on the Roswell? The online photos lean toward a bit of gold/brown (milk chocolate) in my opinion but the 9110-88 that Brad Young says is similar to 988600-88 reads more dark chocolate brown to me. In your opinion is the Roswell a decent chair? Could you share some of your favorite grade1 leathers? Do you have an opinion on 9058-85F (Maple Syrup)?.Iím the only one using the chair most of the time. Iím a 6o yo female, 5í7.5Ē. No kids, an adorable cockapoo and I admit to snacking in the chair at night! No red wine either.

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    Default Re: Bradington Young Cushion, BYX Roswell and Grade 1 Leather Questions

    Those are terms all used interchangeably to describe a recliner, in the same way a soft drink is called soda, pop, coke, etc. A recliner used to define a motion chair that required you pull the big outside handle to move it, and lounger meant it was simply push back on the arms. Today almost no maker uses those big handles, so the terms have blended to all include a motion piece that has a footrest that comes up from a tucked position. Tilt Back and Press Back define chairs where only the back moves - almost always on a pressurized gas strut. Incliner refers to a unit where a footrest comes up, however the back does not move.

    I personally cannot tell the difference between a Premium Down and Spring Down - the only way to me to tell is to read the description.

    Chargers for battery-powered recliners are dedicated and come with the piece, it's unlikely you would ever have to replace it.

    All photos are posted here in the forum. Do a search. Be sure to see the swatch of the leather before making a purchase, don't buy on a photo alone.

    Sorry, won't be back in the store until Tuesday - so can't look at leathers.
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    Default Re: Bradington Young Cushion, BYX Roswell and Grade 1 Leather Questions

    My husband has the Roswell with power. We also added a battery pack as the chair sits in the middle of the room and I didn't want anyone to trip over an electrical cord running across the floor (which would have also annoyed me visually). With a "manual" recliner there are usually three positions, but with power the positions and adjustments are much more variable - you can stop it and hold it in place wherever you would like. I don't remember for sure, but I think the cushion is foam core - we just went with whatever was standard.

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