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Thread: Taylor King Portfolio vs. Taylor King Cozy Creations Slipcovers

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    Default Taylor King Portfolio vs. Taylor King Cozy Creations Slipcovers

    We are trying to decide on a Taylor King Portfolio Sofa vs. Slipcovered Sofa. I see lots of information on the forum regarding Portfolio, but not as much for Cozy Creations Slipcovers.

    Is the Taylor King Cozy Creation Slipcover line different from the Portfolio? What is the price difference between the 2 lines? Is there a difference in lead time and available fabrics with the Slipcover Cozy Creation line? Any idea on pricing for additional slipcovers?


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    Default Re: Taylor King Portfolio vs. Taylor King Cozy Creations Slipcovers

    I'm not a fan of slipcovered sofas - that's a shabby-chic holdover from about fifteen years ago when some decorators were using the look. I've never sold one, and will try to talk most customers out of them as they are not tailored very crispy, look a bit frumpy and are out of fashion now.

    No difference between Cozy and Taylor Made. The two programs are very similar and cross over quite a bit. Average build time at TK for in-stock fabrics is 8 weeks, plus shipping. No idea on slipcover pricing, I would have to call and would need to know the model frame number and fabric to be used.

    Interesting Factoid: Slipcovers were originally developed for the Aristocracy in the 1700's. Good upholstery was quite expensive and mostly done in silks. Governor's and Dukes, Lords and Kings would have them, but few others. Sofas were only uncovered to show the silks when dignitaries were coming on formal visits. The rest of the time, they were covered in slipcovers to protect the upholstery from daily use and common people that might visit and use the furniture.
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    Default Re: Taylor King Portfolio vs. Taylor King Cozy Creations Slipcovers

    That's an interesting fact. I didn't know that.

    This sofa won't be our main sofa and we want the option to change out the fabric in the future. We will also need a main sofa for our living room, but we will probably get Portfolio for that one. We'll need samples for both, so I'll email the fabric information.


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