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Thread: Movers damaged my B-Y sofa

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    Default Movers damaged my B-Y sofa

    I have a nice reclining leather sofa that I got from the keeping room a couple years ago. In my most recent move the miners didn't protect it well enough and there are a few scrapes and cuts as well as some pressure marks. I'm I'm asheville, NC now and am wondering what it would cost to have it recovered if needed. Trying to submit a claim for the damages. I'd also love to have a furniture repair recommendation in the area if anyone knows of any, I'll be getting as estimate.

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    Sorry to hear the movers were so rough. To recover an entire leather sofa is a total loss - it costs more to re-leather than to buy a new one. However, sounds like it can be repaired.

    Have your movers haul it to Pam at Leather Solutions International in Ashboro NC (3 hours from you) and Pam will fix it up like new - she's best in the industry and you are very close relatively speaking.

    There may be local repair people in Asheville, but I don't know of any personally. Pam may, however since she runs training classes across the state.
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