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Thread: Need Living Room Furniture & Layout help please

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    Default Re: Need Living Room Furniture & Layout help please

    I missed the dateline for your deepest discount sales because I was too busy studying this forum. Therefore I’m hoping that you will give me a discount for being a good student.
    I have a few more questions:
    1. When I’m ready to order two Journey sofas (or sofa & love seat), do I want them in the same leather? Or can I have two different leather & what will look great together. I like warm mid tone. (I do not like the look of Document)
    2. All Unprotected leathers are in GR 2, Correct? What are the most affordable options in HM unprotected leathers?
    I’ll email you for pricing on a Journey in unprotected leather that is similar in color to Weston Cane burnished, Tuscany or Kipling Whiskey. I would like to stay in GR 2 price range. Thank you!!

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    Default Re: Need Living Room Furniture & Layout help please

    I'm sorry, the Memorial Day Sale period has expired with no plans for other sale periods at this time.

    I personally would have matching units on a pair of sofas, I can't ever recall doing same sofa - same room - two different leathers.

    Price grades are just that - what the supplier has to pay for the leather. It has nothing to do with the type of leather (aniline vs finished). Most all GR 1 are either finished or semi-aniline. GR 2 has a mix with the start of the pure anilines beginning (look at Atticus series as a starting point for a nice GR2 aniline).

    All burnished and Italian pull-ups such as Weston Cane and Tuscany are GR 3.

    Kipling Whiskey was dropped years ago.

    On average, there is appx a 15% increase in price from GR 1 to 2, 2 to 3, etc.

    Hope that helps
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