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Thread: Re-purposing old furniture

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    Hi all,

    I am new here. Hoping to get some answers to my queries.
    I am shifting to a new home in a couple of weeks. I had some old furniture that I was planning to throw away. I thought I could buy new ones. But at this moment, I do not have enough budget for new ones.

    My furniture is antique, so I really donít wish to sell them off. Thatís when I got the idea of repurposing my old furniture and giving it a new look. I have a vintage chest and a drawer which is quite old.
    I am thinking of converting the vintage chest into a coffee table since I donít have one. But I am confused regarding what to do with the about converting it into a bookshelf?

    What do all think about this? Has anyone here repurposed and used old furniture? It would be nice if you could show me pics as well.

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    Default Re: Re-purposing old furniture

    Can you add a photo or two? That might help create some ideas. Thx.

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