Hi everyone,

We've recently bought a house that came with most of its furniture. There is one piece that is a bit odd on further inspection. Dimensions would suggest a buffet/side table. But the insides are a bit wonky. It is 33.5" high, 18" deep and 39.25" wide. The surface has glass inset over the top. Behind the larger door is a backwards tilting slatted shelf and the bottom is also slatted so you can see the floor. There are three encircled bronze? 8-pointed stars with cutouts around the stars. There are also circular cutouts aligned with the stars so that light from the room comes into the piece through the background of the stars. Beside the large door, is a small glass pullout with a drawer below it. Below the drawer is a smaller door that opens into a vertically divided chamber. The lower portion has a half circle ceramic? inset (flat on top and bottom, curved at the back, with curved wood reliefs to fit it snuggly in place). It's also set on small casters. The main identification we've been able to find is markings on the key that read "Heinrich Hauswalt Breslau X". From what we can tell Heinrich Haswalt was a furniture designer, a Google search brings up bedroom pieces from one auction. And Breslau is a city in Poland. I've attached pics and can provide more if they'd be helpful. Mostly just curious what this was intended to be used for.

Thanks in advance!

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