August is the time you should be ordering your furniture if you would like to have it by Halloween / early November.

I know it seems early however what happens every year is the "Mad Rush" for furniture before Thanksgiving and most people start thinking about that about two weeks after the kids are back in school (mid-September). Pretty much, its too late - not always - but the odds are against you by then.

And of course, there are recliners for football season as the days get shorter and cooler...and a lot of people want them right away so maybe plan accordingly if that's you! I always get a little bit of a rush for recliners for men in the fall - and they want something to take home right away!

One thing most people don't know about is that almost all the tanneries worldwide shut down production in August every year to do their annual cleaning of their tanks. This is a 2-week process and they cannot process any leather while this is ongoing. That leads to shortages of certain leathers and they get backlogged on orders, that comes to you as longer time delays in your order. Order in early August and get ahead of the rest and out-of-stocks is a good strategy to increase your chances of getting your new leather furniture when you want it.

Just a few data points to think about.