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    You gave me some advice on my recliner a few years ago. I have been in and out of hospitals and am having trouble getting the mechanism I need. Hooker and Ultra-Mek have been very pleasant but have not been able to zero in on what I need.

    Hooker sent me to Ultra-Mek and I furnished them the number on their caution sticker (11054470BY). Then they told me to measure how far apart the screws were under the seat. So my wife helped flip the recliner over so I could see the frame. It wasn't easy let me tell you; trying to fit a tape measure in between all that steel. They said it should be 21 5/8" either up or down in 1" increments. So I measure it and come up with 24 5/8" only to be told Ultra-Mek never made a 24 5/8" mechanism.

    My recliner is a B-Y Bancroft Wall Hugger Manual Recliner Model BRD 7301.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Sorry, I would be on the phone just like you are with B-Y, I have no further advice. Mechanism failures are so rare that I am not well-versed in repairs/replacements to them. They should be able to order you a replacement mechanism based on the model number.
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