Lots of folks are buying power recliner units and many like the battery feature as they don't have to plug-into the wall with a cord. The Batteries work well, allowing appx 150 cycles before needing a recharge so that means about once a month for most people.

However - some of the newer motion pieces are coming with a USB port built into the activation switch, so you can charge your phone, iPad, etc from your chair or sofa. Be aware that USB ports are "Always On", and will drain that rechargeable battery very quickly, you may have to re-charge every day or two.

My advice is if you see that USB port on your piece you want to buy - skip the extra-cost battery and go straight to a plug-in unit. Also, just like you would with a computer or Flat Panel TV, put an inexpensive surge protector on your power motion furniture. They don't cost much and can save the switch, rectifier, and transformer in the event of a power surge.