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    i highly recommend duane and the keeping room.

    i had an idea of what i was looking for but needed his expertise and advice to see it come to fruition with so many (excellent) choices and options that could be overwhelming (and potentially stalling) without someone to help guide me through the process. i LOVE the end results. never did i feel pressured but rather with each step, i felt informed and educated and could move to the next stage of decision making to ensure the end result was going to be what i had envisioned. from the beginning, duane spent the time educating me with the leather world as i had never purchased a custom piece of leather furniture before and this forum was a great help as i was doing my own due diligence. utlilizing the resources found on this site along with duane's personal touch, the ordering process was easy, smooth, and understandable with a realistic timetable given to me as to when and how i would see the ordered furniture. sun delivery was professional and courteous. their communication was top notch and their service was excellent as promised. once the furniture was delivered, i chose to add an additional item to complete the look i was attempting to achieve. duane assisted me through the H&M process with their safeguards in place to ensure matching pieces without the dye lots becoming an issue. the quality and comfort of the cooper tilt back chairs and ottomans i have purchased exceed excellent!

    the only complaint i have is i can't shake duane's hand in person to thank him for his assistance. the next best thing is this virtual handshake and recommendation! THANK YOU

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    Thank you so much for the kind review! Always appreciated, customer service is the ONLY thing that makes me different than any other furniture dealer. I appreciate your business, every customer is valuable!
    Duane Collie
    Straight answers from thirty years in the business.
    My Private Messages are Disabled - Please ask questions here in the forum
    I ask that you do NOT call my store with general furniture questions, that is what the forum is for

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