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Thread: Please help me to decide on entry door

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    Default Please help me to decide on entry door

    Hello guys,
    I am looking for some designs for a custom entry door for my old house.
    I live in Edmonton and the climate is so dry here. We usually have a temperature below 27 degrees throughout the years, except a few days in the summer.
    So, I think an entry door made up of Hardwood with glass windows will be the suitable option for me. I have already found someone who offers entry door installation in Edmonton. But, before going to them, I need to make sure that the quality of the door is very good. But, Is there any way to check the quality of the wood ourselves? The frame of my old door had given up itself. I want the new door to last longer without giving me any niggles.
    Please suggest me a few colour choices (preferably warm) for an entry door. The house is painted in antique white. Right now, I think I will go with Burgundy. What do you guys think?
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    Default Re: Please help me to decide on entry door

    I would do a search on google for like "white house burgundy door" and see if you like how it looks. Do the same for other colors you are considering and see which you like best.

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