I'm glad to have found this forum, as I have recently opened a small "bargain outlet" store in Minnesota and we retail a wide variety of general merchandise and furniture.

With that, my main business is as a wholesale liquidator. We manage the furniture truckload liquidations for a major US retailer. The product is not, by any means, high-end or artisan, but rather basic, consumer-grade furniture which is ordered online and shipped direct to consumer. Some pieces are fully, or near fully assembled, while others are KD (knock-down) -though KD has come a long ways since the earlier days of ordering catalog furniture to receive low-grade particle-board products which sag under their own weight.

While I can see that this forum is dedicated to a wide variety of professionals, artisans, hobbyists, and consumers with interests leaning towards the finer points, various niches, and true craftsmanship; I would urge anyone in the business to consider the ability to purchase furniture liquidation truckloads for pennies-on-the-dollar as a way to vertically integrate product which is very affordable into their current operations. Most of our customers have some experience with "scratch and dent" type product and they do very well retailing at 50% of the retailer's original price.

Please feel free to reach out if you'd like to learn more. Thank you.