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    I live in midwest IL/IA border and need a new loveseat for my small living room. I been through many stores and finally found a fabric one I like at Ashley’s, which they said for an extra $75 I can buy a warranty that pays for any rips, stains, etc for 5 years and if not used they give you credit for $75 after 5 years. However, Im noticing all the seat cushions are only one sided now! Im told its how theyre all being made?! I cant afford over $600 but am wondering if this is true and if this is what you get for that amount now?! Im older and only paid $325 for the one I currently have now, also an Ashley, which is still in great shape after 15 years, but I wanted to update my room... are there any brands out there any more that still make good quality furniture without taking everything you make in a months pay?? Thanks.

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    Ashley and Value City Furniture are pretty much the cheapest furniture stores you will find, not surprised they only do one side of the cushion to save a few bucks. It is not good quality, but if the previous one lasted you this long and you are happy with it, then go for it. The only other option in that price range that comes to mind are the sofas at places like Sam's Club / Costco / Walmart. When my wife's grandfather moved into a nursing home we bought him a recliner from Sam's and he had been happy with it going on at least five years now.

    Personally I would pass on the $75 'warranty' but you know your lifestyle better. If you had your previous sofa 15 years and didn't have these problems, do you have a reason to think you will have those problems in the next 5? Those warranties are almost pure profit for the business.

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    We all have our comfort levels in expenditures, however to be quite honest i didn't think you could buy a $ 600 loveseat as new anywhere in the country. Better and properly made ones are three to four times that price, sorry. If it works for you, buy it. Skip the warranty - no value in that. If you do decide to buy it - read the contract on it first, usually there are so many exceptions and limitations that it negates the value of the policy.
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