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Thread: Putting together a bedroom with one antique

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    Default Putting together a bedroom with one antique

    My wife and I are at the stage where we're finally getting rid of the Ikea-ish furniture and planning to get really good stuff. For the bedroom, we're inheriting this one piece as my parents downsize homes:

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    According to my mother, this dresser was her father's when he was a kid, circa early 1900s. I know nothing else except that it's oak, and that's the original hardware. I know (as per the stickied post atop this forum) that it's probably not specifically identifiable as an individual piece, and that's fine; we're keeping it in the family rather than selling it anyway, so we don't much care about what it's worth. But if we're trying to match a bedroom around it, what sort of style should we even be looking for, here? Mission? Revival? Early American? Sorry for my ignorance, but any help/advice is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Putting together a bedroom with one antique

    This should probably go over in the Decorating and Layout forum.

    I am no way an expert on furniture styles, it looks mission-y to me with different hardware. That said do you actually like that style? If you have different taste but want to keep this dresser you can always put it in a closet and use it that way, and make the room whatever you want. I understand the family side, just an idea if you don't want to limit yourself but do want to keep and use the dresser.

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    Default Re: Putting together a bedroom with one antique

    Agreed - Mission / Mid-Century.

    Take a look over on the Hooker Furniture website, you might find some compatible pieces that will mesh nicely with it, and Hooker is very reasonable in price with decent build quality (its 100% imported).
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    Default Re: Putting together a bedroom with one antique

    Cool, and many thanks.

    And yeah, we kind of like the mission-style stuff that's out there; the hardware had me wondering, though, because it's definitely not typical of what's found in stores nowadays. So the bedroom will have a bunch of new mission furniture with one antique to class up the room, so to speak. (It is actually pretty solid; might not be in perfect cosmetic condition, but it should have a lot of life left in it.)

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