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Thread: Will this couch fit down my basement stairs?

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    Default Will this couch fit down my basement stairs?

    I am looking at a 2 piece sectional with the following dimensions: Overall: 35'' H x 105'' W x 75'' D, cushions are removable, not sure if legs are or not. My basement door is 29.5" wide. Do you think this will fit?

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    Default Re: Will this couch fit down my basement stairs?

    75" Deep? Seriously? That's the deepest sectional I have ever heard of. Not a chance it will go through 29.5" if that is an accurate dimension. I suspect that number is off, however.
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    Default Re: Will this couch fit down my basement stairs?

    I am thinking the 75" is one leg of the L shape of the sectional. Linda, you would need to post dimensions of the depth of the individual section to know if it would fit.

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