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Thread: D.R. Dimes ceases operations

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    Default D.R. Dimes ceases operations

    At one time (1986 to 1999) The Keeping Room was the largest D.R. Dimes dealer in the country. We sold so much of their product that I was making a trip to their facility in our Freightliner truck every four weeks and would come back entirely full. On average we sold 2,000 Windsor chairs per year and many, many case goods. We had a falling out with them in year 2000 and ceased doing business over policies and personalities so it's been a long time since we've had their product in the store. This part of the industry has really taken a beating, with very few left making quality American reproduction furniture, and demand has fallen off to virtually nothing for it as well. If you are in New England here's what's left of their inventory going to auction:
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