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Thread: Bradington Young # 3156 Thomas Lounger w/Articulating Headrest leather 982300-87

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    Default Bradington Young # 3156 Thomas Lounger w/Articulating Headrest leather 982300-87

    Just put into the store today's date, the newer series of B-Y Recliner with the headrest that moves to and from independently from the main recliner (Articulating). This is a married cover on this piece a warm brown pull-up hide # 982300-87.

    I am thrilled so see a quality pull-up leather on a married cover piece. Too often, promotional leathers are lower grade leathers that are mostly finished hides (painted). I'm a huge pull-up leather fan, its a hide that just gets better and better with age. This is a mid-sized recliner, not a large one. So for men I'd say 6' 0" or less, roughly 260lb or less. Anyone with wide hips may feel too snug in this piece. Has a USB Charging port in the power controls as well, available only as a power unit (battery power is optional).

    What I like about this piece: 1) The leather! Anyone who is a serious leather aficionado knows pull-up leathers are one of the great classic hides. 2) the price - in my store at $ 1,645, you just can't beat that for this quality of hide in a full USA-made unit. 3) The comfort, with the standard Spring Down Seat its excellent.

    Observations : 1) May be too snug for some who are wide at the hips 2) Tailoring (fit and finish) is not as nice as Hancock and Moore. Then again it doesn't have a H&M price tag.

    Verdict: Terrific chair in a world-class hide at a superb price. It does everything you want it to do in a recliner and fits in smaller spaces.

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