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Thread: BY Leather - Repairable, defect or expected with use?

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    Default BY Leather - Repairable, defect or expected with use?

    I was shopping at a local store and saw this new BY leather/fabric chair. As you can see, there is a decent sized scuff mark. I'm about to purchase leather furniture for the first time and seeing this on a brand new piece on a showroom floor is a little scary. Is this easily repaired? Is this what I should expect to see in my future leather furniture in my home? It looks like the shiny finish is gone. I'm trying to have realistic expectations of what having leather furniture will be like.

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    Default Re: BY Leather - Repairable, defect or expected with use?

    That's very uncommon, what you are seeing there is a finished leather with a severe rub mark that has gone through the finish. My guess is the chair was transported in a truck after unboxing and that's to and from rub friction from not being properly padded in transit. You would not experience that in a home use situation. That's repairable, as Finished leathers are painted. However you have to have someone who knows what they are doing to repair it.

    Here's an example of another transit mark in a chair during delivery. One of my customers in Texas with a finished leather and this is how it arrived from the delivery company:

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    And here is after the restoration company came in and took care of it in her home:

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    Only finished leathers will show paint loss such as that. Aniline leathers are dyed all the way through so if they get a severe rub, then as long as the leather itself is not torn either hand lotion or leather conditioner will usually fix it up.

    I'd not worry too much about that, marks like that are almost always transit damage and don't happen often.
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