I'm a family of 6 (Husband, Wife, 10 yo, 8 yo, 2 yo, and 97 yo father) in the market for either a stationary or reclining sofa. I'm looking for a mix of quality and price reasonableness (best value).

Husband: 5' 11" and around 185 pounds
Wife: 5' 8" and around 150 pounds

Objectives: Firm Seat & Back (I don't want to sink in, and need lumbar support/firm back).

What we have looked at so far and like the feel of (but are concerned about the reviews/quality)

Flexsteel Latitude: Cade (Made in China)
Flexsteel: Catalina (Pro: Made in USA, Con - Exensive for Leather Upgrade, concerned about motion for fabric, piling).
Palliser: Asher (Pro: Made in N America, Con, Reviews)
Hooker: Mowry (Pro: All Leather, Concern: All leather is Split Leather)
La-z-Boy: Talladega (Concern: Reviews)

In consideration but cannot sit in it is a Costco purchase of:
Pulaski: Davis

I'm open to spending more for something that will last and withstand children but am not sure where or what to look for. Everything we have listed so far is reclining, but that's mainly because that's what the showrooms have that are more on the firm side.

Any thoughts on the pros/cons of the above listings, brands, or recommendations for a higher quality similiar feel in either reclining or stationiary (If we get reclining we'd like the adjustable headrest also).

Also, any thoughts on reclining furniture with either Leather/Vinyl vs Pollyester - does one wear better with the motion?