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Thread: New Sofa, Loveseat & Recliner Advice

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    1. Ottoman - I do like to mainly have my feet up so would probably use the Ottoman in front of the sofa though my wife liked the way the chair and ottoman looked and prefers sitting so thought of potentially just sit in the lounger and put her feet on the ottoman so that the two charis match (The Journey stationary chair is around 3 inches shorter than the Lounger and costs more, where if we had the lounger we could recline if we wanted to). That was the thought but we could be off base there.

    2. Westwood vs Journey - I sat in the Westwood and had a similiar challenge with the Austin High Back - The top cushion on the bustle back hits my shoulders in a way where it feels like the center of my back hits the seam between the cushions and it feels like the top cushion is pushing my shoulders forward so it is uncomfortable for me (I so wanted the Austin high back to work). We also like to rest our heads so the Austin standard/low back was just too low.

    3. Cushions - I read them wrong, correct, they say "Ultra Down Seat and Back" - I think the Standard Qualux 18 oz would work for us (I like firm and my wife loved the Ultra Down so I suggested we just meet in the middle and go just one up).

    4. Ottoman in a different color - Interesting suggestion - We were trying to stay in the T&C promotional program though I'm thinking an ottoman wouldn't be as much of a delta to go out on - any suggestion on a color that would go with Document Tobacco?

    5. What other choices do we have (Nailheads, Wood Finish) - Seems like most folks get the Hancock nails and Mahogany or Distressed Mahogany on this - are there other combinations that look good?

    6. Power vs Manual - My thought on Manual is just one less thing to go wrong - And I had considered a Myway Recliner to try to match the Journey because I do like the articulating headrest but we thought it would look odd to have a Journey Sofa, Recliner, then the Myway recliner.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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    One additional Question,

    Does H&M Offer a No-Welt option on T&C or is that already sewn as part of the married cover program and there isn't a choice to remove?
    Edit: I answered my own question here - no, they do not offer no welt in the married cover program. thanks.

    Follow-Up Question:

    With children and a wife who loves to wear denim, should I leave the T&C program and see about getting them without welts to reduce the chance of flaking? Perhaps a Document Chestnut looks nice, and if I went that route, I could remove the welts - is it worth it to reduce the chance of flaking on the welts?
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    After searching and thinking - I'm thinking of either:

    Journey Sofa, 2 x Lounger, Ottoman in T&C Document Tobacco as shipped (with Welts)
    Journey Sofa, 2 x Lounger, Ottoman in T&C Aspen Tobacco w/ no Welts

    Question: Is the difference between Aspen and Document and the ability to remove welts worth the price delta if we plan for this to be our long term family sofa?

    Where is Aspen from and are there key differences between Aspen and Document that make it that much of a better choice? At a 35% premium?

    I'll also add the:

    Revival Tobacco
    Cabrini Tobacco
    Apache Tobacco
    Apache Expresso

    To the consideration after reading the forum relative to unprotected vs protected leather.

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    Have you received your Hooker Aviator/Lincoln yet? Do you like it? Any advice on Hooker?

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