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Thread: Outstanding service from Duane, I am very thankful I stumbled across this Forum!!!!!

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    Thumbs up Outstanding service from Duane, I am very thankful I stumbled across this Forum!!!!!

    I cannot thank Duane enough, I am sure he is used to it, but we changed our minds many times on exactly what we wanted to do in our room. I first contacted Duane 2 years ago thinking I was going to invest in some really nice furniture, but priorities changed and we stuck with the Costco stuff we currently have. Now 2 years later I started researching again, I am blown away by this Forum, I never would've fully understood the differences in furniture if not for Duane and this Forum. I am so thankful I found this!!!

    I am one that shops based on Value, not price. I think Duane says it perfectly when he speaks about how much it costs you per year to own quality goods and/or the exact leather upgrade you want. I would go through 4 sets of Costco furniture minimum in the same time period as 1 set of H&M, that makes the price equal, and instead of sitting on subpar furniture I will get to enjoy top of the line furniture that exceeds the comfort of Costco not to mention looks many times better. Add in the fact that H&M, especially in a Grade 3 unprotected leather, has a strong resale value and to me it is a no brainer. Bottom line I fully understand why people buy Costco, not everyone can afford H&M, but if you can afford H&M or equivalent it is by far a better Value and in the end its Cheaper per year of use.

    After much back and forth I finally placed my order this week!!!! I took the advice of Duane and many others on here, I emptied my room and used tape to see how things fit. My wife and I were dead set on the Sundance Sectional with a nice ottoman, but after we did the tape and I kept researching we decided against it. Duane also influenced this, I read his past posts about people moving every xxx amount of years, I have moved 3 times in the past 15 years, and although the Sectional would've fit I am not confident it would fit our needs down the road. Also everyone in my family always want to sit on the ends of the couch so you have an arm, on a sectional that equals only 2 spots. So after googling and looking at many spaces that fit my layout I changed completely, I decided I wanted 2 sofa's facing each other. I have also always wanted a recliner, I was not sure how it would fit in, but when I started doing the tape I realized we could fit 2 sofa's facing each other and 2 "Loungers" at the end facing the Fireplace/TV.

    So what did we order, I am very excited to say we ordered 2 Rugby Club Sofa's, 2 Rugby Loungers, and 1 Plantation Ottoman. We were very lucky that the Town and Country leather offered on the Rugby was one of our Top 3 picks so that made the decision for us. We are getting the Sofa's and Lounger's in Weston Cane Burnished and I sprung for a grade 5 on the Ottoman, we are getting that in Nile Croc Burnished. We went with the R&S Nails and the French Pine Distressed wood. Duane is going out of his way to ensure they are burnished at the same time so they compliment each other, I cannot thank him enough for doing so, that was my only hesitation going with the Nile Croc. Now we wait it out, it looks like 7-8 weeks to construct and another few weeks to deliver, we will anxiously wait for our investment in quality goods, until then the Costco Furniture will have to do.

    Thank you so much Duane!!!

    I am attaching my drawing of the way I plan to lay it out, also the rug I just purchased to compliment the furniture, and the room it is going in. I think it is going to look Amazing!!!
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    Default Re: Outstanding service from Duane, I am very thankful I stumbled across this Forum!!

    First, thank you for your order. Every order is appreciated and every customer valuable.

    I think you will really enjoy these pieces, especially if you have been buying Costco level product in years past. Not only will the look transform your room, but you will discover that these will be functioning just as nicely after five years of use, and ten years of use as they did when new. It's like owning a finely crafted pair of shoes that you get re-soled vs the $ 49 once and toss shoes from DSW. Keep up with the cleaning and conditioning schedule, keep the UV Sun Rays off them, and they will just go and go and go.

    Tell you a story. About ten years ago a good friend of mine needed to replace his family room furniture. He was - and still is - notoriously thrifty and he was a Costco furniture guy, too. I never really pushed the furniture much - just told him that the stuff he was buying was junk and told him he was too cheap. Then he and I went on a motorcycle trip to the Smokey Mountains and we stopped in at the Hancock and Moore factory to see Jimmy Moore and get a tour of the factory. He had never seen anything like that and came away very impressed with how they build it. When we got back he said "price me out some of that Hancock & Moore in the Reserve style, in a black leather, three pieces". We ordered it up for him and he was very much "Wow - I knew this stuff was good, but I didn't know it was THIS good!" after we got in his home. To this day, he still raves about it and that's all he will buy now. When it came time for a new mattress, he said "What's the Hancock and Moore of the mattress world?" So I fixed him up with a Royal Pedic and now that's the only bedding he will buy as well. He was 50 years old before he realized that cheap furnishing are not necessarily a bargain.

    Rug looks great, BTW, I like the colors.
    Duane Collie
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