Don’t be swayed by the cute demeanor, this is an evil 4-legged creature. Today, when I was washing the X4 early this morning after the High Point trip, she was serenely laying in the grass until Mr. Red Fox cut through the yard. This set in motion a chain of cataclysmic events because Gracie the Cairn Terrier has been waiting her entire life for a crack at the Fox. Life at the end of the driveway exploded into a flurry of Porsche-like acceleration AND cornering couple with yelping and excited barks as the fox led her into the dense forests behind our home. The crashing through the bush was over in seconds and they disappeared, the hot pursuit continued for who knows how long?

My response was....”$*&@(^*!!!”

Over the next hour I trudged in my shorts through the woods and brambles and have the bloody shins to show for it. All in search of this particular dog. lest I incur the wrath of my bride for losing the pet on my watch. Finally, one hour and twenty minutes later I head a familiar bark opposite of where I was searching and found the little critter standing atop a downed tree giving a squirrel fits that was in the branches above her. The fox obviously got away and also (bonus points) did not eat her. So after several “bad dogs” she was in the house and I left for work without giving her a daily departure treat.

Do not trust a Terrier!

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