Greetings, All!

Brand new to this forum, and I am very excited to find it, as I'm a budding 'Upcycler' - finding yard sale 'trash' and turning it into beautiful pieces with a second life. Some day, I'll post some pics of my work, but today I'm here asking a question about a piece I was gifted by a family member.

Several years ago, my grandfather and step-grandmother offered me a coffee table they said was hand-made by my great-grandfather. Great-Grandpa was born in 1900, passed in 1991/2. I know he was very creative and did wood-working, but I'm not sure of the validity of the statement that he made this piece himself. I turned it over, and there are no manufacturing marks to indicate it was purchased, nor do I know when the table was supposedly made (Grandpa passed in late 2017, and Step-Grandma is new to the family... so no info there). It's a neat piece, with a parquet top, and a metal-mesh (brass-coated?) shelf under.

I have done dozens of online searches, using every bit of verbiage I can think of, but since I have no clue what period/decade it originated, I keep hitting walls. I have not found anything that looks remotely similar, so I would guess it probably is hand-made/one-of-a-kind.

I would appreciate ANY info that a knowledgeable source could provide! Thanks in Advance Click image for larger version. 

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