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    I have a small and oddly shaped living room, which I want to furnish and decorate basically from scratch. The only things I can't change are the walls and windows. It's just such an odd shape and size that I don't know where to start, like where to put sofa, bookshelf, tv? To put the TV on the wall, on a TV unit? Does anyone have any ideas, how would you furnish/decorate it?

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    Three things you need to do if not hiring a professional decorator.

    1) if you are looking for free advice on-line in this or other forums, you have to post photos of the space, taken from each corner.

    2) You have to set a budget and say what that is.

    3) What style do you like? No one can pick the style for you, have to start with a baseline. A couple links to the styles (room settings) you like are most helpful
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