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"Protected" leathers does not mean its armored or specially treated, it simply means its painted leather rather than dyed. Also known as Finished leather, which is a term I prefer to use instead of Protected. People get a sense that protected will mean that it will stand up to anything and such is not the case, its simply a painted finish. Paint fades in the sun as well, though at a slower rate than a dyed fabric or leather. Paint also deteriorates over time as it's by nature a sacrificial coating. All you have to do is look at a car that's been sitting outside for ten years in the sun to see that.

There is no protected-aniline leather. There is a top-coat product you can purchase that you can apply to aniline hides, but it does not have a UV barrier, its there to slow down stains.

Controlling the sun UV rays at the window is the real key to protecting your interior contents.