For those budget-conscious, the new Nirvana leather is remarkable for a price grade 1. When you see this made up (I have a barstool done in it as a floor model) you will guess this would be a more costly hide in a GR 3 or GR 4 category. It's that good. And its not from China so no 7 % Tariff (I think we have probably seen the end of adding new leathers from Chinese tanneries for the domestic market). It's a matte finish, feels and looks expensive. Will be a good pick. Five colorways, three are browns, one off-white, and one raspberry.

Another I like is Turnin, Fawn and Charcoal colors. Only two colorways right now, but this is a very nice GR 3 that's not too velvety, great finish on it and has a good drape to it. Worth a look in that price group. Wish there were more colorways in it.

And of course the Markle is the GR 4 go to for pure luxury, I'm never handled a leather as soft as this one is.