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    I have an older H&M Freeman Executive Swivel-Tilt chair. Is there a way to raise the seat height? i can't seem to figure this out. Thanks for any advice!

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    Let me see a photo of the bottom of the base, post it here, please - if the following doesn't work.

    There are two types of height adjustments:

    1) Is a gas strut lever that is activated by pushing down on the lever on the right, and de-weighting the chair. This is fairly straightforward.

    2) The other is a screwjack, where there is a collar around the vertical base you turn with your hand to raise the chair. This collar freewheels when the chair is upright, so to change the height you have to flip the chair over and turn it upside down, then twist the collar to the height you think you want. Flip the chair back over and try the height. Repeat as needed.
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    Perfect - it was #2. Thank you so much for your help and expertise!

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