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Thread: Whittemore and Sherrill Upholstery Quality???

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    Default Whittemore and Sherrill Upholstery Quality???

    Hello. We are seriously considering a Whittemore and Sherrill sofa, style 434-03 in Cowboy Brown leather. Does anyone have any experience with this maker? Their leather? Thanks in advance for your reply.

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    Default Re: Whittemore and Sherrill Upholstery Quality???

    Whittemore and Sherrill has a good reputation and Buddy Sherrill has been building furniture a long time, his companies are one of the mainstays of the industry and that doesn't happen if you put out junk. I don't know the products personally, nor the leathers - I am a Hancock & Moore / Bradington Young / Century / Taylor King dealer in leather furniture, but I would not tell you to avoid the brand.

    Buddy Sherrill is a huge car guy (like me) and I wish I did buy his lines about thirty years ago - because he now owns a Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, and Bentley dealerships in North Carolina and he'd have probably given me a good deal on a car !
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    Default Re: Whittemore and Sherrill Upholstery Quality???

    Got it. Thanks for such a quick response!

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