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Thread: A few questions, considering buying from you

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    Question A few questions, considering buying from you

    Hi Duane,

    After a few visits to Macy's, Natuzzi, and some of our local furniture stores that supposedly carry higher end sofas and not seeing anything we like, or seeing something that looked kind of OK but then coming home and researching and learning the quality isn't so great and and so much from this forum I am actually considering buying a sofa from your store.

    I have read through a lot of your stickies and have done searches on this forum, so I hope my questions are somewhat "prepared." It's all a bit overwhelming so please don't hesitate to direct me to a particular sticky on anything if I've missed something.

    1. After looking through the H&M website and some of the pictures here, the Ava is the style I am most attracted to. Can you recommend another model or two for us to consider, just to have another option. We like crisp, tailored looks, and we like the back of the couch to not be too much lower than the back cushions. And we'd like something that is not too low in the back for watching TV (I'm not too sure about the actual height, but one of the couches that we looked at that seemed not too low was 34" H in the back.)

    And does the Ava have removable seat and back cushions. And what else (and where) can I find out about it as far as the construction of it. Not sure if all H&M sofas are constructed in the same way that applies to all the sofas or if it varies by model.

    2. We have 2 cats - one of which is attracted to leather. From what I understand, the protected leather would be our best bet, right. (even though I fully understand nothing will stand up to claws).

    And along with this question - we are already thinking about what we could do to protect the couch. Right now we have some throws on our couch and never bought any corner protectors because I've never seen anything that looks attractive. But we will have to do something. Do you have any recommendations for attractive corner protectors or know of any other of your customers that have dealt with this issue.

    3. From what I understand Grade 1 and Grade 2 won't necessarily last any less than a Grade 3 or 4, etc., so I am considering getting a quote on one (or maybe both) those grades first just to see where we'd end up. Would a Grade 1 leather feel rough and uncomfortable against the skin? Or within the Grade 1 we might have some that feel softer than others? And would swatches give us a realistic idea of the finish? (I know for color it can vary)

    4. I notice on some models - this seems to happen more in the more pillowy type cushions- some cushions seem a little lobsided, or each cushion looks a little different than the next. Is that to be expected because the furniture is handcrafted.

    5. Wondering about buying without actually sitting in the sofa. How can I get an idea what it may feel like - the seat pitch, etc.

    And along the same lines, the firmness and feel of the cushions. I want to avoid puddling of the leather, and I know you recommend the 21 oz for this - how can i get an idea of what this might feel like as far as firmness. Does this cushion weight have any give at all. And for the Ava for now, what would you recommend for the back cushions.

    Thanks Duane. I figured this would at least get the conversation going. Once I hear back from you I'll start taking a look at the leathers and then get an official quote.
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    Default Re: A few questions, considering buying from you

    I'd probably skip Macy's, the furniture in their stores is pretty much on the lower end of the spectrum, you can do better.

    To address your questions:

    1) Ava is as much about style as it is about seating comfort. I have a floor model of one in my store, people do like it and order it. The back height, while not low, is not ideal for TV watching. I would prefer the Ricki for all around comfort but it lacks the style elements of the Ava. And of course, my favorite sofa right now is the French Curve series. For me, it checks all the boxes. Yes, Ava has backs and seats removable. H&M uses hand-tied 8 way coil spring suspension that is hand-tied for all stationary pieces, if there is room in the seat deck to accomodate the springs. If not, then they will use a no-sag. The Ava has an 8-Way.

    2) A top grain leather is a top grain leather, there is not any of them going to stand up to cat claws if the cat decides to get after it. Finished leather just means its painted, rather than dyed. No idea on how to discourage a cat from going after upholstery, I've never owned a cat (but I can tell you how to on dogs).

    3) Leather grades are pricing grades, not quality or longevity grades. Suggest you read this thread if you have not already:

    4) Yes, they are hand-made and the cushioning material is stuffed into them by hand as well. You can adjust them by unzipping the casing and re-arranging the cores if you like.

    5) You can't, sorry.

    6) All leather furniture will puddle over time and with use to some degree, its unavoidable. Firmer cores are maybe 10% firmer - buy you spec those because you like it firmer, not for puddling. The only way to prevent puddling is to not use the sofa. I like standard cores for the Ava myself.
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    Default Re: A few questions, considering buying from you

    If you are in the area and able to visit Duane's store, he has a sofa with all the different cushions H&M offers so you can move them around and try out all the different combinations (seat/backs, etc). This may help you in deciding which cushion combination works best for your needs.

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