Sometimes customers will get very anxious when the delivery truck shows up with their new leather furniture and there's a mark on it. The delivery driver doesn't know the first thing about what to do (I can guarantee this) and suggests you refuse it as damaged. Depending on the leather type, there can be some very easy fixes - so before you reject a piece, let me show you a piece that came into my store yesterday and had a mark on it right out of the box. This is a Bradington-Young recliner in a lightly burnished aniline leather. See the mark on top of the arm?

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So how am I going to fix this? (it's a new floor display model). Well, I'm going to get some regular hand lotion and rub it into that spot:

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After about ten seconds, this is the result:

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Now, had this been refused it would have been gone 3 to 4 weeks before it made it back, all for 10 seconds of putting a dab of lotion on the leather. A simple, effective fix.