This chair was a new market introduction in April, and the first ones are just now coming to the stores. I forgot why I liked it so much at Market - but as soon as I unpacked it I remembered. This chair is supremely comfortable to me, its a terrific sit (I'm 5' 11"). I had my two delivery guys try it out and Tom loves it (he's 6' 0") and Jim says its too small for him (he's 6'3") at the footrest. So of course, comfort is subjective and based on size and preference, but I love it. This leather is a tannery-burnished pure aniline that is the married cover on the piece, it's also excellent. Made in the USA of quality components.

Hancock and Moore still makes the best recliners in the USA, and this one won't have the fine tailoring details of an H&M, nor is the frame as stiff and locked down However its about a thousand dollars less in price than an H&M and I've been selling B-Y for over thirty years. In the store at $ 1,699 for the floor model ($ 1,852 is the regular price in-store). A really, really nice unit.

First recliner photo shows TV position, second one is all the way back.

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