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    Default Royal Pedic Review

    I feel like this area of the forum doesn't get as much love as other areas, so I wanted to leave a review of my Royal Pedic mattress. We got a king size Royal Pedic mattress set from Duane at the beginning of 2017.

    Backstory: We were sleeping on an expensive Tempur-pedic foam mattress, for about 10 years. That mattress got extremely hot, and while it did have some give that gave the impression of a glove like fit, as it wore out the center began to degrade in such a way that it would force both occupants onto the center making for an even hotter nights sleep (and making it very difficult to exit the bed). While this should have been covered under their proclaimed 20 year warranty, They would not honor it due to a missing document.

    Review: I was going to review this bed sooner, but really wanted to live in it for a while. I can't believe this much time has passed. First, let me say that you can feel the quality of this bed. This bed is HEAVY. I flip it, with my wife, every time change. I'm a young guy, and this bed is a beast. That's not a complaint as much as a testament to what you're getting, but you should know what you're getting into with this. The two men from the delivery company struggled to get it up the stairs, a straight stairwell of 12 stairs.

    I really love this mattress. It's very supportive and firm (we do not use a topper). The firmness is even throughout, even at the edge of the bed. We had a foam mattress previously and I was afraid we'd hear the springs squeak. I've never heard the bed make a noise. The bed remains a good temperature throughout the night, and I never get too hot when sleeping, which would happen with the foam mattress. The only time my wife complained about the firmness was when we first got it, she said it was too firm. We gave it a couple of weeks to break in, before deciding if we wanted the topper, and she's never brought it up since. We both really like the mattress and get a good nights rest from it even though we both sleep differently. I sleep on my side and back, she sleeps on her side and stomach. I should also mention that this mattress has worked wonders for my back injury, I'm not saying this is a silver bullet, but at least I don't wake up with a sore back, which does happen when I sleep else where. After sleeping on a Royal Pedic staying in a hotel will feel like sleeping in an army cot.

    The only con that I can think of happened to my wife when we first got the mattress. She hit her elbow on the buttons used for the tuffs several times. She was a magnet for them. I never had this issue, and she hasn't done it in a long time. I'm not really sure that's a con, but it is a unique feature of the mattress.

    I would definitely buy this mattress again, especially from Duane, who made the experience enjoyable and worry free. I had a lot of questions, especially with a purchase of this amount, and he gladly answered them and gave me straight answers and good advice. Thank you again Duane!

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    Default Re: Royal Pedic Review

    Thanks for the review and the kudos, Brian! I feel the same way you do about Royal Pedic, and I have found most do as well. I know my wife and I get complacent about how good the bed is (human nature, I think) we realized how superior it is when we go on a trip, be it to family or a resort. The beds we then sleep on are awful. We both say to one another on the way home "Will be good to sleep in our own bed again", and we mean it.

    What I find happens most often with customers seeking bedding is they set themselves a mental budget for a mattress and they're not going to exceed that price point. Typically I hear "Two Thousand Dollars is the most I will spend". Well the basic RP bed is easily double that for a King size and they say "Not interested at that price point". But what they SHOULD do is the math. This bedding will go twenty years on a matt and box, so that's 7,300 days. Let's take out 300 days for vacation and travel, and now you have 7,000 days in the lifespan. If a King set is around $ 4,500 then its costing you about 64 cents a night for a premium bed. That's pretty cheap for eight hours of good sleep. And those $ 2,000 beds last about 1/3 the life span, so they actually cost more per day than the RP.

    The only negative to the Royal Pedic that I find is that like you say, they are hard to flip the mattress, especially in King Size. I just did mine on Monday (i do it roughly 3x a year) and it's a workout.

    I actually have four sets in my house, every bedroom has a Royal Pedic. When guests stay over they invariably say "that's a really good bed in your guest room, a lot nicer than what I sleep on at home".

    It's a nice company - I like dealing with them and they are handmade in Los Angeles California. The only other bed I would buy would be a Shifman Master's Collection, which is made in New Jersey. It has a similar build, but at a higher price point than a Royal Pedic.
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