One of my customers emailed this to me, and gave me permission to share on the forum:

The Capri harness on the Addison is hard to beat. But the Buckingham Walnut Burnish is quite handsome. If I had to do it again, I would go with the Capri over the Buckingham Walnut hands-down. But I content with the Roy as is. My wife and I can honestly say that the Addison is a nearly perfect product. The Roy is a very nice lounger but misses a little on the design specific to the area around the lower back. The stiffer cushion really helped with that.

The big takeaway is the difference the leather can make on comfort. It's not that the Buckingham Walnut Burnish is uncomfortable -- I would call it above average actually. But the Carpi, wow it's special. A leather like Capri can only be underappreciated until you experience it, a lot like my Langlitz leather jacket I purchased years ago. Pictures and words will never be able to describe it.

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