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    I would like to ask for any information on a wood hutch (set?) I own. Is there a more specific name that this one can be referred to?
    The piece comes with two matching end table things (stacked on each other in image), that I would also like to know how to refer to them since I have found nothing on these end pieces. I received this set as a gift some long time ago from a very friendly older lady neighbour who has since moved away.

    I suspect these pictures are not enough. And I don't know much about it. I do know that all pieces are solid wood, the main tall piece is actually two separate pieces, and the very top of it is more of a staired bowl and not completely flat (sorry, I did not get a chance to take a photo of that). Please let me know what else I can add, or what other pictures I can take. I'm looking into getting another set just like it, and I am having a hard time understanding what I am finding in my internet searches. If I cannot find it because of whatever reason (no longer made? Out of business? Hard to find?) I am looking into getting a replica made of the entire set. I am also mainly interested to know what kind of cost I am looking at either way, because I've seen price ranges of already made hutch-only from CAD$500 to CAD$9,999 - which may be fair, but I'd like someone with more knowledge to let me know. I live in Alberta, Canada.

    I'm vaguely aware that there might be a sticker or mark somewhere to identify it, but I cannot immediately find it, and I cannot move it away from the wall myself, as it is extremely heavy. I'm also not entirely sure where it may be.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thank you.
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    Default Re: Identify Hutch Help

    There is not enough photo detail to really tell much, you have to post larger photos and more of them.

    You will NOT want to get a replica of the set made. Three reasons: 1) It will be horribly expensive to scratch build one-offs. 2) it's machine made. 3) the design is not worth of investing that much money to copy it. When you make copies, you do so of valuable classics, not generic factory made items. For example, an important secretary desk may sell for $ 2.5 million at auction. The owner has a copy made for $ 100,000. So he has the desk look-a-like and $ 2.4 mil in his pocket. Win-Win.

    Pieces like that are realistically give-away items (as it was given to you). Just look for something similar - there's plenty out there for little to no cash outlay.
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    Default Re: Identify Hutch Help

    The bottom picture of the 2 side tables looks like very common pieces from the 60s & 70s. They look like your typical Broyhill or possibly even Century pieces from that era. I've seen exact pieces like that under a "mid century modern nightstand" search on Etsy & Ebay. If you're looking for something exact, or as near to exact as possible, I'd do a search under those search terms on those sites first. They're sold as is (without refurbishment in a bright color with a high gloss paint that's very in now,) for relatively cheap.

    The top picture, from what I can see just looks like your typical China cabinet(that's what we call those, here in Texas.) I don't see any unique properties of the piece to recall having seen something similar elsewhere, sorry.

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