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    I have always wanted a sofa by Hancock and Moore. We finally did it, much to my utter regret. First, they sent the sofa without the nailhead trim and with flaws in the protected leather. They remade the sofa, and I just received it in June. Already, the finish is wearing off completely where my elbow rests (always in sleeves). Between the place where I purchased (not Duane's store, sadly) and Hancock and Moore themselves, it has been a living nightmare. Hancock and Moore will not return my call. The furniture store will send out a repairman, but what happens when my warranty is out? It will for certain just do the same thing again! Just a warning here; I do not believe that H&M is the product that they used to be. I am sorely disappointed and regret the $8000 purchase. Also, Duane warned me about fly-by-night delivery companies before I purchased, but I simply couldn't afford his delivery charges. Well, he was right! They showed up on first delivery and flat didn't bring the matching recliner! I never received an apology much less any expedited delivery! They called it an "honest" mistake! They told me that they run a truck every 2 weeks before I purchased. Turns out they only run a truck every 4-6 weeks. Think twice from whom you buy and what you buy!

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    Which model sofa did you purchase? Have photos showing the affected areas?

    The way the furniture industry works, and why you are not getting return calls from Hancock & Moore is because the dealer you purchased it from is H&M's customer. You are the dealer's customer. When a consumer calls into Hancock and Moore they make note of it and then call the dealer to tell them there is an issue to be addressed. They will not work direct with the consumer if the dealer is still in business. So your point of contact is your selling dealer. That's why it's so important to know the reputation of the selling dealer in case you have an issue, they are the ones who will be your contact point.

    "Protected" or "Finished" leathers are painted, and paint can and does wear away be it on a sofa, car, house, or tennis shoe. That's fairly common. The leather is not "protected", (which many people think means "armoured") it simply means its a painted finish and spills roll off it. Now thinking about paint, we all know the more rigid a coated item is, the better the paint stays on. If you have a flexible surface, its more prone to showing wear or having small flakes chip off. Again, those white tennis shoes you buy that are flexing hold their white paint for about 6 months, then its starts deteriorating. Aniline dyed leathers (Unprotected) don't suffer from chipping and topcoat loss as they are dyed. However they can stain and are sensitive to sunlight fading. Leather covers are never warrantied, only the frame / suspension / foam etc. One in a great while we see a defective batch of hides where the topcoat sheds, but that's very, very rare. Hides and leathers themselves are sourced from third party suppliers across the industry - so there is a commonality on the above among all brands.

    The solution on finished leathers is to touch up the paint over time if it bothers you. On Aniline dyed hides keep them out of the sun and try to avoid oily saturation.

    As to delivery companies, there are many really bad ones out there and a few good ones. The good ones have to charge more (and they are still not perfect)

    Post some photos if you want to evaluate your pieces some more.
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    It's a sad state for any furniture that costs that much to have the finish peel off in just two months. I only use my laptop and do not have pics downloaded but may try it on my phone cuz I so respect your opinion.

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    Hasn't Duane mentioned heat being an issue in reference to stains & damage? I know he's said that's an absolute when it comes to wood & to never directly put hot items on wood as that will surely result in damage.

    Perhaps the heat from your laptop is negatively affecting your finished leather? Are you just resting the running laptop directly on the leather arm of the sofa? It may be getting too hot & messing with the painted finish?

    Try not drying that anymore & see if you get different results. Try using a tray table or a laptop pillow desk.

    Duane can speak more on whether this is what's causing the repeated damage issues.

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    Nope! I have a fan tray under my laptop, and the damage was on the exact place where my elbow rests. Had it repaired; now I'll hope that it lasts. Thank you for the reply though. That's certainly something to remember. Also, my laptop stays in my lap, never on the arm of the couch.
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