I have been a Tire Rack customer for over 20 years now, the difficult part has always been getting them mounted. Today I am using a new mobile service that is on the Tire Rack website, "Tread Connection" for new MIchelins for my BMW X4. I have to say, this is great - Mike (shown here in the photos) owns the Northern Virginia franchise and he takes delivery of the new tires from Tire Rack, then shows up the day after they arrive to install them. He has a Corgi 5000 Tire Machine from Italy in the van that can do up to 30" Diameter and 44" wide without damaging the wheel. He shows up at my store on time and does it all in the parking lot while I'm inside working. No distractions, he can focus just on my vehicle. I don't have to screw around an afternoon waiting at a tire shop, I love it. In the Wash DC area his number is 202-981-1827, and I think there are operators all over the country in major markets. This is definitely the future of no-hassle tire installation. I'll be calling him again when my other vehicles need tires.

Cost to do all four including mounting, balance and haul away the old tires. $ 120 to do all including the stop at the store.

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