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Thread: Patriot chair finish?

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    Default Patriot chair finish?

    I'm a new member and this is my first post. I've just spent a couple of hours reading posts about the Hancock and Moore leather furniture. I'm hoping to buy the "Milton" model sofa in Tiburon Pine and would like to finish it like the photo I found on their website. The finish is on this chair: 1587ST Patriot Swivel-Tilt Chair
    Is this possible and is there another sofa showing this finish? How would it look in Tiburon Pine?

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    The wood finish on the Patriot Chair on the H&M Website is called MESA, and you can get it on any of their pieces, it's a standard finish.

    You can do a search here on the forum for "mesa" using the search box and get results of all threads with that term in it, I'm sure there are some photos that would pop up.
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