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Thread: Quality Power Recliner Loveseat for $5,000 Budget

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    Default Quality Power Recliner Loveseat for $5,000 Budget


    I'm looking for a "better" quality (not the best) contemporary- style leather loveseat recliner with adjustable power headrests, and extended footrest. Power lumbar support would also be desirable, but lack of it would not be a deal breaker. I'd like it to be a roomy two seater , 65-70" max.

    My budget is $5,000 max. The only brands sold in nearby local stores are Natuzzi, Flexsteel, Palliser, etc. I'm interested in Bradington Young and other brands in that tier of quality.

    So I was just wondering if there are any opportunities via the Keeping Room to stay within budget while still getting a quality loveseat recliner. Shipping would be to SW Florida.

    Thanks in advance.
    Sarasota Lady

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    Default Re: Quality Power Recliner Loveseat for $5,000 Budget

    The articulating headrest narrows the choices considerably. Among the line I happen to carry are the Chinese Hooker unit, which I am not really overly fond of to be quite honest. It has all the features you want (including adjustable lumbar), but I can see a build quality difference between that and Bradington Young. I'm not sure I have a ton of faith in the longevity of this piece, but its going to be well under target budget. There are other styles as well, similarly priced. $ 1,989 from my store + delivery fees.

    Bradington Young is USA made, there is a much higher build level and I have high confidence in their pieces. It will lack the finer tailoring details of a Hancock and Moore piece, but they hold up very well over time. So one like this in a GR 1 leather would be $ 4,357 + Delivery fees. With cost of shipping you will be right near your max budget. Prices would go up in higher grade leathers, however there are quite a few nice GR 1's so you don't need to move uptier.

    Hope that helps. Above prices are check / cash, credit cards add 3%.
    Duane Collie
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    Default Re: Quality Power Recliner Loveseat for $5,000 Budget

    Thanks so much, Duane . I'll check out the ones you mention.

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