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    Is there such a thing as a high weight capacity reclining sectional or sofa? My current sectional is in dire need of replacement. My husband is 280 lbs and Iím sure he is a contributing cause of the demise of the current sectional. It has been in need of replacement for 4 years and itís only 7 years old. I spent a lot of money on a sofa I was expecting to last 10 years and it didnít come near that life expectancy. I have been doing some research and noted most sofas are designed for maybe 250 lbs. We really like the sectional and a reclining one would be perfect for our use. Any ideas?

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    280lb is not really high capacity, better motion is rated at 350 lb, and stationary can be built to even higher limits. If you are getting failure on a sofa that’s just three years old then you probably bought a poor quality unit. There are other tricks a good dealer can do for you as well such as increasing seat core densities and back fill for a firmer sit.

    I have a customer who is over 400 lb who ordered last week and we are putting him in a sofa that will have extra corner reinforcement, plus 2 on core fitness and over filled back. I have a very high confidence that this will last him many years however we are starting with a top tier brand of Hancock and Moore so we have a proper frame and foundation to work with. I’m expecting he will get twenty years out of that piece and we will probably do new cores every 6 to 7 years on it . (No charge from Hancock and Moore).

    Probably all you need to do is shop better brands. If a recliner sectional is what you want perhaps look at Bradington Young, that should do well for you.
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