I hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving! We did at my house. And of course, its the fun stuff you remember most fondly.

Jennifer, my wife. always tries to present herself as more "Hip" than she really is, and is proud of the fact she is "much younger" (5 years) than me and thinks she is more in tune with current pop culture. But in fact, she has no idea who Post Malone or Billie Eilish is, etc. So around the kids she pretends she's "with it" while I'm the old man out of touch happy to listen to The Righteous Brothers. I'm playing the AMA Music Awards saved on the TV for everyone, since daughter Sarah missed it working and I am fast forwarding to the Taylor Swift segment. As the screen is flashing by and some artist is on stage and my son Alex says "Who's that?" and I say "Some gawdawful rapper we don't want to listen to." Then Jennifer pipes up "Well, I listen to rap....sometimes". !!!!!!! Oh yeah, I don't think so! Alex ponders this for a few seconds and then says "You do Mom? I'm going to start calling you "Lil' Jen" then". I about fell out of my chair laughing. It stuck, too. Rest of the night she was "Lil Jen" and the kids teased her mercilessly.

I go to pull out the Maker's Mark bourbon that I bought last year for the guys. We're going to get into it along with the fine Tequila my friend Fabian sent me. As I put the half-full bottle of on the counter and we pull out the bourbon sniffer glasses, Jennifer rushes in and say "You guys can't drink that ! - it was opened last year!! What's the expiration date on the bottle?" We three laughed up-roariushly.

We had Green Bean Casserole last night. Gracie, our little Cairn Terrier, was cruising under the table looking for a turkey or ham handout. Sarah grabs a single long green bean from her plate and sneaks it to Gracie. I said "She's not going to eat that"., but off Gracie went with her prize into the other room. A few minutes later she comes trotting back whining and whimpering. She has the Green Bean in her mouth and doesn't know what to do with it, takes it back to Sarah who extricates it from Gracies mouth and then puts it on Alex's dinner plate (Alex was away from the table for the moment) and says "Let's see if I can trick Alex into eating it !" But Alex was getting pie, dinner was over. I said to Sarah "Let's see you eat it!" 'Lil Jennifer went into Mom mode and said "You guys stop playing around with that, it's gross". I pressed on with "Would you eat it for $ 75?" Sarah said "Yes I will, lets see your cash". Then Gerald piped up "I'll eat it for ten bucks!" This made Sarah, his wife, wheel around and chastise him because he cut in on her deal. As Sarah tries to re-negotiate with me on the price, Gerald reaches over, grabs the Gracie bean and tosses it in his mouth and swallows it with a big grin on his face. We all groan and laugh until we have tears streaming except for my Mother who is at the table singing her 46th refrain of "It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas".

Happy Holidays everyone.

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