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Thread: Family room: sectional vs 2 sofas + potential budget

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    Default Family room: sectional vs 2 sofas + potential budget

    We are building a new construction house and I've had my heart set on a large reclining leather sectional for the family room. However, my budget is $10k or less and it seems that might not be doable on that budget. I'm attaching a photo of the model home family room, we will have an identical layout.

    If I can't afford what I was originally thinking, I'm considering two same sized sofas, something like Bradington Young 932-90 Kerley sofa or 941-90 Loewy sofa, in a grade 1 protected leather. I have teenage kids and a husband who are not careful so don't want a leather that needs excessive babying.

    Does it seem feasible in my budget?

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    Default Re: Family room: sectional vs 2 sofas + potential budget

    Sectionals are always more costly than two sofas, you pay dearly for that corner. However you will get a style look with a sectional that a pair of sofas will not replicate. I'd also suggest you consider a stationary sectional with leather ottoman, that will give you the same seating comfort (pretty much) as a recliner unit sectional and you will have much cleaner design lines especially from the back. Most reclining sectionals have gaps in the back where the pieces fit together.

    Sectional prices also vary quite a bit due to the length of the run on each side along with how many recliner units you want in the piece. There can be several thousand dollars worth of difference. So when looking for pricing estimates you have to be more specific as to number of seats on each side of the corner, run length, number of recliners, etc.

    Two sofas from B-Y will easily go under your dollar budget, depending on selling dealer.
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