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Thread: Custom-dimensioned Hancock & Moore pieces

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    Default Custom-dimensioned Hancock & Moore pieces

    Few companies offer the ability to custom-size their upholstery pieces because either its too much work to come off the set patterns, or they don't run their own frame plant. You'd probably be surprised how many companies source out their frames to 3rd party jobbers. Hancock and Moore is one of the few that own their own frame plants and their motto has always been "Challenge Us", if you want something custom. Now, that doesn't mean custom comes cheap - because its doesn't. Now only does the frame have to be made by hand, but the spring system all has to be re-calculated, the cushion cores made to order, and the cover deviated from the pattern they use. There's about ten departments involved in doing a custom, its' not just checking off a box on an order sheet and some machines make the adjustment. However, for someone who wants the world-famous Hancock and Moore build quality and is willing to pay the upcharge, this is a very valuable option to fit pieces in a spot where standard dimensions don't work.

    Note that motion pieces rarely can be customized as frames are all based around the mechanisms.

    Here's the standard custom charges - pay particular attention to the notes in the black border.

    Click image for larger version. 

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