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    Hi everyone, did not find right place to post it, so decided to place it here) some days ago i became interested in changing the kitchen... So, my friend adviced me to visit this seller in order to choose and buy everything for myself. The question is: should i believe my friend or should i look for a new one? Or can you give trustuble and reliable seller? Thanks to all.

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    I am guessing this is spam, but giving the benefit of the doubt that it is not - what do you mean 'changing the kitchen'? Do you mean painting and maybe countertops? New cabinets? Rip everything out and do a new layout? If you are not doing the work yourself, then you will hire a contractor or installer company to do it for you, and they will have options or recommendations for you to choose from.

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    It is not a spam. I am looking for a company able to rip my kitchen and make everything from the very beginning. I was adviced with the site upper and still do not know whether should i trust it or not.

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    If you read the rules, embedded links in first posts by new members is a sure fire way to get banned as a spammer.

    If you are looking for a new kitchen from scratch, I’d certainly want someone local because there will be tweaks need to be made and touch ups to be done. Unless you have prior carpentry skills are are adept at working with wood, I'd not attempt it myself in most instances. You need to know what to do when you discover your corners are not square, or the anchoring studs are now where they need to be, or how to repair a gouge in a door from installation.
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