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    Question Zero Gravity Chairs

    I am looking to buy a new zero gravity chair to use while babysitting my stick burner at competitions. Which ones should I be looking at? Does anyone use the RELAXONCHAIR MK-II? I'd like something that holds up well and won't rust or break within a season. I'd also prefer to stay under $100. Thanks.

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    The chair you linked and the ones like it are $1,000+. How would you expect to find one under $100?

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    While you're at it, I'd like to pick up a Ferrari Portofino for under $ 80,000, if anyone sees one - let me know!

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    I had to look up what a stick burner is.

    I've been seeing variations on a gravity chair at Sam's Club for years now and they're around 40 dollars. As someone who is overly-affected by gravity, I'd opt for the best one I could get.

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