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    All, could use your help figuring out what to do. I put my laptop on my wood table and slid it backwards. Now I can see 4 scratches about 4 inches long on my table when I look at it perfectly where the light reflects and it’s duller/finish doesn’t shine like it did so I can see the “scratches.” How do I repair? It doesn’t look bad, and I couldn’t tell it’s there, unless you look at it perfectly where the light touches it, but now it’s there And I know it, I have to repair it for my own OCD. See attached for picture. Thank you!
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    # 0000 steel wool, rub with the grain evenly, you will see a white "dust" on the steel wool when you are cutting down the topcoat, which is what you want. Feather in the rubbing so you don't get a shiny spot. When done, use a polish or wax on the entire table top.

    I do scratches like that almost every week. Steel Wool is great!
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